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Our Unique Products

Most sophisticated innovation of design wizard is Tarrah system. Depending upon the requirements, Tarrah system has different categories:

• Tarrah (Computer Aided Design)

• Tarrah PDS (Automatic Patteren Design System)

• Tarrah PDS PLus (Automatic Pattern Design and Grading System)

Tarrah is a CAD system which provides standard tools for general drafting and runs under a WINDOWS environment..

Tarrah PDS is a parametric cad system for designing automation by using an automated drawing tool that minimizes drafting time and creates any complex drawing automatically the generation of a pattern the kind of drafting operation you do not want to draw over and over again, if it means starting from scratch each time and includes export functionalities of DXF and AAMA Format for Tarrah professional version.

Tarrah PDS Plus is t he most comprehensive and specially designed for the Apparel industry it does all the functionalities of torah software and plus automatic gadding as well create a scientific grading rule table which can be used in any other apparel software like Gerber, Lectra , OptiTex, Pad System and many more.

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