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All about the System


Design Wizard is a unique business specializing in the development of innovative software solutions for the Fashion Industry. Since 1995, the Company has focused on the development of a leading edge software program for fashion design.

DW is on the verge of completing the development of this proprietary program that will have an unprecedented impact on the Fashion and Design Industry.


The advantages of the DW product over previous pattern designing products include:

Improved Quality: Now, for the first time, the Fashion and Design Industry will have a software program available which enables users to design new patterns with 100% accuracy. The DW program provides the user with the capability to design and create patterns with perfect proportioning. This avoids costly errors and waste.

Increased Efficiency: The DW program increases the level of automation in the process. It does this by substantially reducing the time required to design and draft new patterns. New pattern grading is usually unnecessary.

Easy to Use: DW does not require advanced user qualifications. All design measurements are simply input by the user and the program automatically creates the pattern. the user can work with ease, confident that the design pattern is being created instantly with 100% accuracy. These enhancements allow the user more time and flexibility while applying his or her innovative ideas into the fashion design

In summary, DW software provides an automated software solution. Collectively, these remarkable and innovative features of the DW program result in substantial quality improvements, increased efficiency and ease of use with justifiable cost savings to the end user.

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